National Clean Energy Week: Offshore Wind’s Impact On A Clean Energy Future

By Virginians for Offshore Wind

This week kicks off National Clean Energy Week, a week-long dedication to the innovations made in clean energy development and the economic benefits that come with building a clean economy.

This year, National Clean Energy Week consists of a multi-day policy symposium in our nation’s capital, as well as virtually with the goal of reaching every American. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the clean energy technologies that are powering our future, including offshore wind.  

Offshore wind energy is one of the many clean energy technologies that can deliver renewable energy and help build a cleaner future for generations to come.

With Virginia being one of only two operational wind farms in the country, the Commonwealth has seized the opportunity, recognizing that offshore wind generation will play a vital role in both Virginia’s and the nation’s clean energy initiatives.

Offshore wind is a young industry, but Virginia is spearheading its growth with offshore wind projects in the state generating 8 million MWh of clean energy, powering 660,000 homes, and eliminating 4.877 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. That’s equivalent to planting 80 million trees or taking 1 million non-EV cars off the road.

On top of the clean energy benefits, offshore wind is creating a new sector of clean jobs and economic growth in Virginia. Between international and domestic businesses opening offices in Virginia and universities establishing workforce development programs and research programs for offshore, Virginia is becoming synonymous with offshore wind. This is creating good-paying, clean-energy jobs and building Virginia’s economy.

The positive ripple effects of offshore wind development will be felt throughout the commonwealth, whether from a diversified economy or a cleaner environment for future Virginians.

But supporting a clean energy present and future doesn’t end on September 30 when National Clean Energy Week is over.

Virginia is laying the groundwork for others to follow. Through continued offshore wind development and innovations in the industry, a clean energy future can and will be made possible.