ICYMI: LS GreenLink Investing To Build Submarine Cable Manufacturing Facility In Virginia To Serve The Offshore Wind Industry

In case you missed it, the offshore wind industry development in Virginia is continuing at full speed ahead. Yesterday, Governor Youngkin announced that LS GreenLink USA, Inc. plans to invest over $680 million to build a submarine cable manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. This plant will serve to manufacture the undersea cables that are essential to the functioning of offshore wind farms.

LS GreenLink choosing Virginia for this project is yet another testament to our prominence in the offshore wind industry. Governor Youngkin said of the announcement: “LS GreenLink has recognized that Virginia has the skilled talent, world-class logistics location, and business environment that will allow it to serve its growing global customers for submarine power cables.”

When it is built, this facility will not only support the process of bringing clean and reliable offshore wind energy to Virginia homes and businesses, but it will also bring further economic development to the region in the form of more than 300 full-time jobs. The project is set to begin construction next year and be completed in 2028.

With this announcement, Virginia is even further solidified as the industry leader for offshore wind in the United States. The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project, set to be completed in 2026, is moving forward on time and on schedule, and Dominion Energy just announced plans to acquire a new offshore wind farm lease to develop CVOW-South.

Offshore wind is proving to be a lucrative venture for Virginia, as the economic and environmental benefits continue. We look forward to seeing more positive updates for this industry and seeing how Virginia can lead the way.