ICYMI: Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm Is Moving Forward on Schedule

In case you missed it, the latest updates on the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project indicate that the construction of the wind farm has been moving forward right on schedule and on budget – which is excellent news for Virginia residents as we are getting even closer to a cleaner power grid and are adding hundreds of clean energy jobs.

Recent news coverage has included several positive updates on the progress of the project. According to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Dominion Energy most recently provided routine supplemental documentation that provided information on how the wind farm cannot be tied to any negative environmental impacts in the area, which was a big step forward for the continuation of the construction phase of the project. Additionally, the Virginian-Pilot reported last week that the steel monopiles that will be used as the bases of the wind turbines are ready to be shipped over to the construction site to be installed.

It’s also impressive to note that the project remains on budget, according to an article on the continued success of the project from Virginia Business. The article also highlighted the fact that Hampton Roads is well-positioned to be a hub for the offshore wind industry in the coming years once the project is complete.

These updates are exciting signs of the future of offshore wind energy in Virginia. We can look forward to clean energy powering 600,000 Virginia homes, replacing as much carbon emissions as that of 1 million cars each year. We look forward to continuing to see this project move forward, each day moving one step closer to its much-anticipated completion in 2026.

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