Global Wind Day: Harnessing Wind’s Full Potential

By: Virginians for Offshore Wind

Today, June 15, marks Global Wind Day. This annual occurrence is dedicated to exploring the full potential of wind energy, including offshore wind, and harnessing its power and possibilities.

Offshore wind has the opportunity to reshape our entire energy system. It also can lead to new sectors and supply chains that will create more jobs for our industry and provide a boost for local economies.

Offshore wind is often seen as an up-and-coming industry in the United States, but Virginia has long been leading the charge and has emerged as the offshore wind hub for the East Coast. Thanks in part to local developments like the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project, domestic and world leaders and businesses are recognizing and experiencing first-hand the potential of offshore wind right here in Virginia.

Currently, the CVOW project is home to two pilot wind turbines with plans to expand to 176 turbines in the coming years. This project alone will deliver more than 8 million megawatts of clean energy to the grid and will eliminate nearly five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually while creating jobs and economic growth.

The offshore wind industry is truly growing before our eyes and has the potential to transform economies. Universities and community colleges are recognizing this potential as well. Many institutions across the commonwealth are equipping students, who are the future workforce, with the skills necessary to have a successful career in the offshore wind industry. This includes Tidewater Community College’s Portsmouth campus, which is adding 13,000 square feet of space to its Skilled Trades Academy to ramp up training for offshore wind jobs, and New College Institute in Martinsville, which started Virginia’s first Global Wind Organization-certified wind technician training program.

It’s becoming clearer each day just how much offshore wind is shaping Virginia’s future. On Global Wind Day, let’s celebrate and showcase its potential, and let’s continue leading the offshore wind industry forward.