Global Wind Day: Celebrate the Power of Offshore Wind

By Virginians for Offshore Wind

Today, June 15, is Global Wind Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the power and potential of wind energy and the many possibilities that it has to change our environment and economy.

Offshore wind is a new and growing industry here in the Commonwealth that is key to clean energy, job creation and economic growth. Being one of only two operational offshore wind projects in the U.S., Virginia is spearheading the growth of this bustling industry. With that comes new jobs and opportunities for Virginians and the next generation of workers.

Across the state, Virginians are supporting offshore wind and embracing the potential it has to offer. Community colleges are creating wind manufacturing workforces and holding trade school career fairs to ensure that whoever wants a job in the offshore wind industry has one.

By continuing to support offshore wind development in the Commonwealth, the region has the potential to become the east coast hub for offshore wind development, securing that the supply chain, and the economic growth that comes with it, runs through Virginia.

And it is happening as we speak.

Companies all over the country and even the world, from Siemens Gamesa to NEARSHORE, are choosing to invest in Virginia’s offshore wind industry.

By creating renewable energy through offshore wind, actionable steps are being taken to clean up our environment, building a better and brighter future. Virginia’s offshore wind farm has the ability to eliminate as much as 4.877 million tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of taking more than one million non EV-cars off the road.

Now is the time to harness the power of the wind and reshape the way we create energy. Offshore wind is a young industry with immense potential to spur significant economic growth and job creation in a clean, sustainable, and reliable manner.

Global Wind Day serves as a reminder of all the possibilities that wind has to offer. It’s not just a cool breeze on a summer day. It’s the key to a cleaner environment and economic prosperity for generations to come.