Celebrating Progress for Offshore Wind in Virginia This Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, Virginia! It is no secret that the Commonwealth is making swift strides towards ensuring that our grid is powered by clean, reliable energy 24/7. While the pursuit of a carbon free power grid is one that requires utilizing many of the Earth’s renewable resources, like solar, nuclear and hydroelectric, the technological advancements in the world of offshore wind energy are certainly something to celebrate today and every day.

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project is a shining example of these developments in Virginia, and it serves as a display of the potential that we have to invest in energy sources that will create a more sustainable tomorrow. Located 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, the project is the first of its kind and is set to be completed and converting enough energy to power 660,000 Virginia homes by 2026. The CVOW will consist of 176 wind turbines, three offshore substations, undersea cables and onshore transmission infrastructure that will all work together seamlessly to deliver reliable, clean power to our homes and businesses. Thanks to the power of wind, the CVOW is positioned to become a critical resource for Virginia’s clean energy future.

This project represents a $9.8 billion commitment to powering tomorrow with renewable energy, which further cements Virginia’s commitment to making the effort to ensure a cleaner and greener energy future. The investment also is repaid when it comes to the economic impact of the project – the CVOW will attract economic development opportunities to the Hampton Roads region, creating hundreds of jobs and millions in tax revenue.

The CVOW project also represents several impressive technological advancements for the Commonwealth of Virginia. One of these is Charybdis, the wind turbine installation vessel, which is the very first to be built in the U.S. This is yet another sign of Virginia’s ability to establish itself as an offshore wind industry hub as this project continues to build momentum. Getting ahead of the progress within the industry is going to allow us to be well-positioned as a critical component of the offshore wind supply chain for decades to come.

With its potential to increase economic opportunities for surrounding communities, the Commonwealth and the country, offshore wind puts us firmly forward in the pursuit of a more sustainable future and right on track to meeting our clean energy goals. By working together and supporting projects like these, harnessing the power of the wind will bring us that much closer to a cleaner, more sustainable future.


About Virginians For Offshore Wind: Virginians for Offshore Wind is a group of citizens and local organizations dedicated to promoting offshore wind in Virginia, including the clean energy transformation and economic opportunities that come with it. To learn more, visit www.virginiaosw.org.